Worth the Skim

List of articles worth skimming.
  • Deep Economy - by Bill McKibben. This quote from page 37.
    Most of all, perhaps the very act of acquiring so much stuff has turned us ever more into individuals and ever less into members of a community, isolating us in a way that runs contrary to our most basic instincts.
  • Building My Cheap, Scalable, High-Volume Query Site Shows a couple of different web architectures that would be useful for different kinds of sites. He divides the application space into 'mostly read and some writes'. I'm not sure if he means that as two classes or one. I think that a better view is 'all reads' on one end, and 'all writes' on the other end. Most websites are somewhere between the two extremes. There are a couple of interesting comments about Lucene and DBSight.
  • Using Master/Slave Replication with ReplicationConnection I guess I'm wondering if we could use this on top of Spread (robust distributed messagin) to build reliable distributed replication.
  • Only if interested in Ruby. Ruby on Rails case study: ChangingThePresent.org
    Our team built the initial version of the site at about one fifth of the projected cost of bids using other languages, and in about one sixth of the projected time. Rails has absolutely been critical to our productivity and success.
    One place I think I differ -
    We don't try to force database constraints like referential integrity, and we don't use database views.
    I think that if the database gives you referential integrity checks, then use them. To not do so is to assume that you'll always enforce the RI in the code. But what if you don't - then there is no safety net to catch the error. (This is the voice of painful experience speaking.)