Our Approach, Relationships, Attitude and Size

Relationships: Everything we do is based on relationships. Almost every one of us worked for a large corporation where a client was just another note in our appointment book, or line on a spreadsheet. We formed Cedar Creek Software with the different belief that the long-term good is only realized by long term relationships— relationships built on trust, understanding and mutual respect.

Our Only Client: We approach every client, no matter how big or small as if they were our only client. The relationship we build with our clients is built on the foundation of trust and honor. Because we honor each of our clients, we want to do whatever we can to make them successful. We use our years of traditional and web based development experience to solve our clients' problems in the most efficient manner possible. We are constantly thinking of new ways to help our clients achieve their goals.

The Right Size: Because it is impossible to have this level of relationship with many clients, we realize that we will never be the largest web or software development company - but then we don't want to be. We want to be the right size to service the needs of our clients, be they small or large. Because our goal is to have long term relationships with several clients, rather than short-term relationships with many clients we know that we will likely service the web site or software that we develop. Thus we strive to make it easy to maintain, saving our clients money.