Just call me back - Please

Here's a story on how to lose a customer. 

 We have a little guest house adjacent to our office building.  The foundation needs some repair as it has shifted and settled over time.  I searched and found two companies doing work in our area. I called them both and scheduled them to come out and give us a quote.  The first - Centex House Leveling and foundation repair, came and gave us a good quote . I liked the salesman and thought about giving them the job right then. But I already had the second company Olshan Foundation scheduled so I decided to wait.  Olshan came out and gave us a bid.  It was a lot higher than Centex, but was a little more involved.  Still I thought that it would be a simple thing to get Centex to expand the work.  I called the cell phone of the salesman and told him briefly that I need more piers in one area and maybe one less in another and could he get me a new quote.  He said that once he got back to the office he would. As it turns out that was the last time I ever talked to him.

After leaving him voice mails over the next week, I finally called the office and asked if they could have him call me.  They said they would.  Still no call. Maybe I offended him somehow. I called the office again. They assured me they would have him call. Still no call. This went on several more times.

Finally I had enough. I called Olshan - the salesman answered the phone. I booked the repair and they are coming out next week. ( I'll update with how it goes.)

The lesson - call your client back. At least call him and tell him you don't want his business.  My feeling is that the major thing people are looking for today is customer service.  If you don't have that - you don't have anything.