Apple iPhone Transposer

Apple Iphone Transposer

Do you have a sheet of lyrics and chords but need to play or sing the song in a different key? Transposer enables you to quickly transpose all the chords or notes in your songs to any key you need. Easy to learn and use: Simply select all the chords in your song and click the Step up / Step down buttons until you've reached the key and chords you want.

Transposer Features

Supports all kinds of song styles with 12 notes representing all chords.

Clearly displays the original chords and the transposed chords together.

Easily remove incorrect or extra chords.

You do not need to enter the exact chord variety (minor, major, 7, sus4, etc). You only need to enter the single note that represents the chord.

For example if the chords to your song are C, G7, F, Am, you do not need to enter the “seven” or the “minor”, just enter C, G, F, A to match accordingly.

By default, the display shows half steps as sharps. To toggle between sharps and flats, select the “Show Flats”/“Show Sharps” button in the top left corner.