Godaddy Shopping Cart Experience

 I had a customer who wanted a quick shopping cart "just to take credit card payments" for a web site that he already had in production. So I purchased the Go Daddy Quick Shopping Cart to see if that was a possible solution. Below is the account of my experience.

 I have to start by letting you know that GoDaddy started as a Domain Registration web site and has added the shopping cart functionality as an additional service for people like this client who wanted a quick and easy way of selling or taking credit card payments via the web. The site has become notorious for its Super Bowl ads that are controversial and offensive to many people. The site itself has more of a soft porn feel to it than a business feel [this is why we started so we could register domains with a clean interface] and you can expect to be bombarded with pictures and links to their latest super model or party. With that stated, I registered the domain and with the SSL certificate it could take the credit card numbers.

 The hosting on their server was free with my purchase so I built the initial web site locally and then moved it to their server. They of course took the top 1 1/2 inches with advertisement to other sites, so I identified in their style sheet the code they used to display their ads and I hid it. This made my site look normal again and I moved on to the shopping cart. The cart had standard features like adding products and categories and including product options. It had nice site promotion tools and some nice templates for the store front. The shipping and taxes modules were very comprehensive too. The payment options were just PayPal and Print and Call until I got the SSL certificate associated with the site. This was not trivial and required a call into Go Daddy to even understand their certificate registration process. Once the certificate was established though, I was give other payment options like and IMS and FAST TRANSACT. All I wanted in this test case was their POS Credit Card processing which would store the credit card number in the Quick Shopping Cart database for me to process in my own POS machine. This worked great and the order shows me the credit card fine. The interface does not collect the 3 digit CVS number on the back, but so far this has not been an issue. So I created 3 categories and some products and the shopping cart was up and ready for payments. It took about 6 hours in all to get it setup in its current simple state. This is not trivial for a simple way to process a credit card, especially since you get the entire "shopping cart" feel to the site, but at the same time it is an optional third party tool that could be used for such a purpose.

 One of the more interesting things I am still learning in this experiment is why the site is still not showing up in google when I search for it? So I used my $25.00 Google AdWords credit and I created an advert to see if it would come up when I searched. It is at the top on the ads but still no link to the site in the google index. So this page is part of a test now to see how long it takes for these sites to appear on a basic google search. This site is indexed on google and is linking to these sites now, which goggle says is important, so I am timing how long it takes to see the new sites on google. Today is May 31, 2007. Bill Holifield