Using Google Gmail as a Document Filing System

I've been looking for something to use in Ubuntu to store scanned documents. I need to be able to file them by keyword and description and have the keywords and description searchable. It would also be nice that it was stored in a secure place with backups. I googled and did not find much, I found OfficeDrop but it is Windows based, and costly. I needed something for Ubuntu and free is good.

Using GMAIL, Filters and Tags

It was pretty simple to set up

  • I use Simple Scan to scan and save to a PDF.
  • I email it to my gmail account with a subject line like FILE: Hilco Power Bill
  • The body of the email can have the description and any keywords I want.
  • In gmail I created a label called 'File'
  • I then created a filter, I set the to address to be my gmail email address and the subject to be FILE. Then the action is to apply the FILE label.
Now I have a searchable document storage system. Scan and email and I'm done with that paper.

Update:Simple Scan has an option to email the scan. Now I don't have to even leave the scanning app to send the email