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We have been very successful at completing software development projects in a wide variety of areas including:

  • Rate shopping shipping software (say that three times fast)
  • Getting the best shipping rates can be a real tongue twister. We have developed a shipping solution that rate shops between FedEX, UPS, USPS and local carriers. The software interfaces to a scale, a barcode reader, and a label printer. A very flexible program, we are able to interface it to a clients order system to pull the shipping addresses and store back shipping details.
  • Order consolidation and processing
  • Do you have orders from various sources that need to be consolidated for a nightly, weekly or monthly load into your system? Or perhaps you have data that needs to be routed through another service for checking - such as address or credit checking? We provide solutions to just these sorts of problems.
  • High performance websites hosted in the Amazon cloud
  • In November of 2008 we were approached by a company with a problem. The week after Christmas their website gets many orders of magnitude more hits than it does the rest of the year. Last year the traffic took their website down - and got national press coverage. What could we do to help? We put them up redundant servers in the Amazon cloud. A proxy server in front of a variable number of web application servers. Christmas 2008 was a non-event - the website handled all the traffic without any problems. Since then we have completely ported them to the Amazon cloud - including their MySQL database, blogs, and admin websites.
  • Customized online surveys
  • Read custom online surveys Basically if you need it in a survey - we can do it.
  • Online training course engine
  • When Tradewinds Training needed an easy to use online training platform, we built out a full online training course engine for them. Now they can upload their content, set course pricing, manage sponsored ads, and manage students all from their dashboard.
  • Online collections website
  • Under NDA we developed an online collections website. The website allows the customer to upload their client list and through the dashboard print off a series of customizable letters to mail. The clients can come back to the website and make online payments.
  • E-commerce website development
  • We've developed our own set of e-commerce libraries that we use to quickly develop e-commerce sites. Several SEO experts have praised our platform because of it's ability to be easily modified to meet clients needs. We make sites that scale from just a few products to thousands, with complex hierarchies of category and product classifications.

With our range of experience, we've probably done something like what you need done. Give us a call to discuss