Apple iPhone Chick Selector

Apple Iphone Chick Selector Murray McMurray Hatchery's Official Chicken Breed selector is a great way to use your iPhone to select your next set of chicks. Plus get a $5.00 Coupon to use at McMurray Hatchery with each app purchased.

With over 100 breeds and over 10 attributes per breed, picking the right chicken for your particular needs can be daunting. Looking for brown egg layers? Then select brown egg layers and press 'Show List'. Now you have a list of all the brown egg layers with pictures. Click on the individual breed and see that breeds specific characteristics. Want to see brown egg layers that free range? Then make a selection under free range and click 'Show List'. Again you have a list of brown egg layers that will free range. Looking for bantams — miniature chickens — choose bantams to see our extensive list of miniature chickens.